Saturday, October 23, 2010


Jared and I took the little boys to the skate park on Friday and it was great because nobody was there. All the big kids that would usually be there were at school. Micah was able to scooter around without anybody around and we had the place all to ourselves. Good place to remember for next year (supposed to snow this week) when we have warmer days again. We brought Julian's helmet for him to wear and its a good thing we did. Micah is one fearless little boy. That kid does not care. He fell a couple of times and said "its a good thing I'm wearing a helmet". That's for sure. He did not cry once. Even when old scabs were bleeding again all he said was "awesome" and got back up and kept going. I think he is ready and has been asking for a Razor scooter. It just seems so big for him but the Spiderman scooter is starting to seem a bit too small for him. Santa will be getting that one. I think I may have the next Tony Hawk or BMXer on my hands.

Here he goes!

And he's down....

It's all good!

I told him not to skateboard because we couldn't afford for him to get injured.

Micah saying "Let's race dad!"

He thinks his big brother is funny

Fall trees and snow atop Mt. Timpanogas

Thumbs Up!

Driving through Midway on our way home saw these little babies in somebodys front yard.


embot said...

Renee! I love these photos! Micah looks SO big and yes he is a total daredevil. so awesome. totally makes me miss you guys.

Carlye said...

I love it! But you better get a great insurance policy! Boys can be so rough with there bodies!

Man I miss these boys!