Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a little of this, a little of that

So here are a lot of pictures from the past two months. There is no rhyme or reason to them. I've just been so busy with working that I am finally sitting down (past midnight, cause that is the only time I can do it!) to put up some pictures that I love from these past couple of months. There are quite a few so brace yourselves. There were more but I'm tired.

One of my favorite pictures. Jared's Nanna and Grandpa came for a quick visit. I love how the kids don't see them very much now but they have such a special bond with them.

The first taste of snow in October that didn't stick around for too long. Micah had fun playing in it and making snow angels.
Crazy hair day. So serious!

This picture isn't one of the best ones but we have some of the best sunsets here in Heber. Our house faces the Timpanogas mountains and every night we have the sun setting behind the peak of the mountain and its just gorgeous. We aren't getting much of them now because winter is here.

This is what happens when I ask Payton to watch Tyson for me.

Not sure what was up with the lighting. It was either my house or my camera. This year we recycled two costumes which was great. I guess that's what happens when your the younger ones. I should have taken pictures after we got back. The kids were drenched from running from house to car in the rain. They loved it though. Oh, and my mom came and I don't have any pictures of her from her visit. Mental note...take pictures when she is here for Christmas.

Kids playing in all the leaves on our walk at Bridal Veil Falls. We had fun, can you tell?! I'm thinking this will be the scene for our big plans of a family picture for next year. Perfect fall setting.

Jared and Julian hiked up to the waterfall at Bridal Veil Falls. We love going there and letting the kids scooter down to the waterfall and play in the water. It's just beautiful there.

Paytons new little 'bestie' Savannah. She lives two doors down and they are in the same class and Primary together. They wanted me to take a picture of them in their matching brown boots and skinny jeans.


Crazy Lady said...

man your kids are looking so old. especially julian. love bridal veil falls. i love utah, its so beautiful! i'm trying to take jason into a winter trip but he is not cooperating. maybe jared should call him :)

Beth said...

Love these. I miss you and your kids! It looks so beautiful there. XO

Renee said...

Yes Come!!! I will tell Jared to call him. Jackie is coming here for Christmas. When would you come if you did come? We want to see you guys.

Jenny Dahl said...

Definitely a good spot for family pics. Beautiful! What the heck, Julian looks older and Payton looks way taller. We're coming over. When is a good time?

Renee said...

Jenny come over ANYTIME!Seriously! We are always up for visitors so just call me when its good for you. We would love to see you guys. :)

RachelAnne said...

Oh my goodness! These are so precious. I love the pictures from the falls- amazing to think of how GREEN it was when we were there last.