Monday, September 1, 2008

Our 2 Week Trip to Bear Lake Utah

We got back a month ago but better late then never. We had such a great time and we definitely did not want to leave. Brace yourself there are a lot of my favorite pics even though I did not get pictures our constant hangout "Yellow Snow" (Aunt Tessa's Hawaiian Shave Ice store), water skiing or of us playing at the beach. Here are some of the fun pictures from our trip.

Payton and Jared in the boat fishing in Grammy and Grandpas pond

Lots of Horse Riding

We did two days of rock climbing. The kids did the first climb and got all the way to the top. The were great!

Our spur of the moment decision over dinner, camping trip. Jared found a really neat camping ground right next to Logan River. They got it all together in less than two hours. Carlye, Dad, Micah and I did not stay the night. We just stayed for the campfire and smores.


Jenny Dahl said...

So sad we missed you and all the fun this summer. Next year!!!

Beth said...

Micah looks blonde????? He is so handsome. We should do a play day or zoo date.