Thursday, August 28, 2008

Princess for a Day

So I am a little behind in posting about her birthday. Her birthday was towards the end of July. And she turned the big 4. Although she insistantly says she wants to be 10. Can you imagine her at 10?! I think I will wait. So it was months of asking when her birthday was going to be. She just couldn't wait to have a Princess party. And that I gave her. A Royal Princess Tea Party. I was debating whether or not to have it at my house and do all the entertaining myself or do it at a place that did everything for you and you just had to show up. I decided for the latter and it was wonderful. They provided the invitations and thank you cards. They did the food that consisted of sandwiches that were shaped in butterflies with cucumber and some cream cheese filling and a cup of strawberries and blueberries with chocolate syrup and whipped cream with pink lemonade. It was too cute. They also provided the craft. But the best was when they all arrived they got to pick from a closet full of beautiful princess gowns. They had jewlery laid out on the tables and got to put on whatever they wanted. They then went to the make up station where they did the girls make up. It really was adorable and she loved it. She was in heaven. You could tell she felt like a princess for the day. Here are some pictures from the party....

Micah had fun at the party too.
It took us a while to convince Julian to put on a costume. He wasn't too happy about it. But we let him put fake blood on his face. I bet he'd be a bit embarrassed if I showed his friends.

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Beth said...

Ah! She looks so gorgeous. How fun!