Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

First Day of Kindergarden for Julian and first day of Pre K for Payton. They were really excited to go back to school. I will probably regret this years from now but I couldn't wait for them to go either. It has been a good summer but it's time. We started the day off right with some banana pancakes and o.j. by request. Our first day ran smoothly and we were out the door on time.

I thought Julian would be a little hesitant on me leaving but he did awesome. He found his table with his name and pencil box on it and sat right down and said "bye mom". He wasn't nervous at all. I stayed for roll call and then the teacher shooed all the parents out. I couldn't help the tears in my eyes. My little man was off into the real world. When I picked him up he had a big smile and told me that he had a great day and that one little boy even asked if he could be his friend and he said "sure".

Payton still has one more year in preschool and she was so excited to have a new teacher who is just wonderful. Mrs. Geni is her name and she is too cute and we already love her. She was not happy that we had to take Julian to school first and he had a lunch (she had a short day so no lunch today) and it wasn't fair that he got to stay at school longer. I wonder if she'll feel the same way about school in a few years. But she sure loves it and can't wait to go tomorrow.


Crazy Lady said...

yahoo. i was going to call you. they look so cute. i can't wait to read about your bear lake trip. the pictures look awesome. i'm pooped. off to bed.

o-town said...

your kids are adorable...and growing up fast. i guess that's what happens when you live a few states away and don't see each other often!

Beth said...

Wow - Payton has really grown up a lot since I've last seen her. I can't believe the kids are all so big. Stop growing!

Amber said...

Ditto Beth's comment. Payton is stretching out like crazy. She's so beautiful!