Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Year.

Are you so not ready for school like me? All the busy schedules, lunches, and homework? I still don't know if I am. I actually had the first summer where I wasn't ready for them to go back until about the last week of summer. We have had so much fun and stayed pretty busy. I just wanted to squeeze one more time in at Seven Peaks. Probably because if I know that school is starting then winter will be here before I know it. But, I must say when they left for school in the morning it was sooooo nice. 

These kids weren't really excited for school until the day of. They were up and ready and really excited to go meet all their friends at the bus stop. I'm hoping this excitement lasts a while. Wouldn't that make mornings and after school much easier? Here's to hoping!
(If you can't read it because my ink ran says 'First Day of Third Grade')

('First Day of Second Grade')

besties at the bus stop
 Here's to another year...


Anonymous said...

They are too cute!! Looks how well they model :) I hope they have an amazing year! and you too :)
I just can't beleive how big they are getting....give them big hugs from Nana!

RachelAnne said...

They are looking so big! I'm so glad you guys made it for a visit this summer. Always great to see the kids :)