Saturday, July 2, 2011

St. George pics.

Finally getting around to putting up photos of our fabulous St. George trip. It was only a month ago. Definitely going to be a yearly tradition. I'm always going to need a quick trip to get out of here come May when it seems to still want to be winter. We rented a house I found that had enough rooms to fit all of us and a pool we could enjoy. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins all day long and Jared and I were also able to go running together which never happens. Our trip also consisted of visiting Zions since it is so close. The kids were troopers. Fun times.


Amber said...

FUN! You look usual. So glad to get to see you in some pictures. And more glad to get to see you in PERSON very very soon!

Crazy Lady said...

Love the pics. Feel the same as Amber, can't wait til I can see Tyson up close and have a good look at him.

dude, when did Jared get those big muscles? Whats he lifting in Utah?!