Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Tricks

Lately this guy is discovering how to do all sorts of "new tricks". New tricks meaning he can climb on things and get down things and just not scared of doing anything that his older brothers and sisters do. And that means that I am working much harder to keep him in one piece.

He climbs on this horse and gets on and goes crazy fast. I seriously think he might forget and let go.

15 months old and already knows how to do a summersault by himself.

Always climbing onto the table trying to get whatever food or drink is there....or just stomp his feet like he's dancing.

Drinking from a cup like the rest of us. Pretty much refuses a sippy cup.

Finally figured out how to get down our scary stairs. One day just finally saw him at the bottom when I wasn't looking. SO scary.


Amber said...

Crazy how fast kids grow up. Especially when they have older siblings to watch and learn from. He's SO adorable. You have the cutest kids.

Beth said...

Aw man... he's super cute. I haven't seen a photo of him in a long time. You guys have good genes. A bunch of good looking kids!

Deanne said...

What a little monkey! We have a few of those ourselves. He's very talented (and very cute!)

embot said...

What a stud! Wouldn't expect anything less from a dahl, though. Haha.

Carlye said...

I can now testify to Tyson's hidden talents!! He is exhausting, and give props to Renee for keeping up with him and 3 other kids. But they sure are sweet! Which makes it worth it. I love the hugs.

RachelAnne said...

Seriously?! I swear he was just a week old last week! Holy smokes!!! I can't believe how big he's getting. Can't wait to see them again :)