Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

This year we celebrated 4th of July on the 3rd as the 4th falls on a Sunday and living in Utah (mostly) everywhere is celebrating it on the 3rd which is good for us. Although my kids not being able to be in the parade was a big bummer as Park City still has the parade on the 4th. Julian was supposed to be on the float for his karate team and Payton finally is in a more advanced group and was able to be on the gymnastics float. Big time. I've discovered that 4th of July is a holiday that is right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving for me. I guess its because I love the whole idea of swimming, anything and everything festive red/white/blue, bbqing, parades, hot sun, fireworks, being with family and/or friends. Its the perfect recipe for some serious fun in my book. This year we had all but the swimming and parades and does bbqing count if you buy it at the store? Well, it had to do this year. We decided to go down to Sugarhouse Park and have a picnic and meet up with our great friends the Finnigans. We had SO much fun it felt like "the good old times" when we used to get together when we lived in California.

I also love to be festive this time of year. Yes my kids have some sort of red, white and blue going on in their attire. And this year we also did some 4th of July baking. Are you into this holiday as much as I am? I also love that we celebrate this beautiful country we live in. Happy 4th Everyone!

Made some pretzel "sparklers" with the kids. Fun and easy to do with them. Decorated Paytons white flip flops with some festive ribbon. Made a poke cake - I've always said I would do a flag cake one year.


Crazy Lady said...

wow, that looks like so fun. i'm jealous! very cute picture of you four.

and that tyson is one gorgeous kid. your kids look so old.

Beth said...

So cool to see you all together! YAY!

embot said...

Oh Stop!! that's looks like such a blast. i love that you guys got to hang out. and i'm so impressed with your fervor for the 4th. Sophie would love to come live with you!