Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1st Dance Recital

I have been more excited for this even more than she was as this was her first dance recital. I remember so many years of dancing and every year waiting for the recital to come to get all dolled up in my costume, makeup and hair done and to do what I loved most. Now it is my turn to be on the other side of things and be the one to watch my own start their own memories of dance.
She practiced her routine all the time and had it down as much as a almost 4 year old can. I for sure thought that she would be the best one up there. Just so you know I wasn't pressing her on that but to have fun. She was really excited about the hair, makeup and costume... until we got there. She was in tears and didn't want to go on stage. She got stage fright. And who could blame her. It is a scary thing to get up there in front of lots of people. She did however wipe away her tears when she received her flowers from her biggest fan, her daddy. Although we didn't get to see her do one step of her tap routine we were there to support her in her first recital. She loves to dance and wants to continue so maybe next year will be a little better of and experience.

No poses for her just a big smile is all she wanted to give us.

After all the tears of coming off stage she is happy to be with daddy.


Jodi said...

If she danced or not...she must have been the cutest one there! What a doll!

beth said...

Oh my gosh... what a cute story. You are such a good mom. And she is adorable. Seriously!

Carlye said...

My sweet little niece!!! love her guts and totally understand. Its scary getting up infront of strangers as they watch you.

Deanne said...

What a lucky girl to have such big fans!!! She is absolutely darling. Congratulations on your first dance recital and on Julian's graduation!

Amber said...

I never liked my recitals either when I was a kid, so I totally understand. She is absolutely adorable though, so who cares if she didn't dance.