Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Little Sunbeam

I am already so impressed by the things my children do. I always look at them and are proud at how outgoing, brave, daring, personable (I could go on) they are. But today Julian impressed me. Last Monday for Family Home Evening I went over the First Article of Faith with him so that maybe he could get up and say it in Primary. Well, we went over it and that was about it for the rest of the week. So today, in Primary, the Primary President (Emily) asked if anyone knew their Articles of Faith. So as other kids are getting up and saying theirs I say to Julian "why don't you go up there and say your First Article of Faith" he says "okay". I wasn't sure if he would remember all the way from last Monday. So he doesn't want to just stand up where he's at he wants to go all the way up to the podium and speak in the microphone. I'm sure it was just to have some fun with the microphone but still. So then he starts saying the First Article of Faith! Sure he forgot the the's, his son, the and's... and oh yeah he asked "what else" when it came to ...the Holy Ghost... but for the most part he said it! I couldn't believe it. I for sure thought that he would have forgotten it or get shy and not say anything or even whisper. He was totally cool and confident. I was so proud of him. I'm still hoping the bishop doesn't ask me to give a talk in Sacrament anytime soon. I dread speaking in public. And to see that my little man had no problem was wonderful. I just love seeing him and his sister and brother grow and be happy kids. Little things like this tell me "hey , maybe I am doing something right!" It just made my day!


Jenny Dahl said...

I'd say you do a million things right! Lucky kids to have you. I'm impressed he knows the first article of faith at all. Good job mom! Its a great feeling to watch your kids conquer fears that we still shy away from. I remember I used to be excited to give talks in primary. Somewhere from then til now things have changed dramatically. I too dread the bishop's phone call asking me to speak. Love that kids don't get caught up in their mistakes or forgotten words, but just love sharing what they learn. Way to go Julian!

Schoeni Family said...

That's awesome. I so wish I would have been there to see him do that. It's amazing how much our kids are able to gather in. I'd say you're doing a great job too.

Beth said...

Such a cute story!