Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Finding Time

I often wonder where the day goes. So little time and still so much to do. When all I want to do is to sit down and read the book sitting on my nightstand. I read it at times but not as often as I would like. When I do get to it though, I have forgotten what I have already read. And then I try to read right before going to bed. But as usual I fall asleep. Therefore, I don't get too far. I think why don't I try reading when the kids go to bed? No I would rather watch something interesting on the television. For some reason that seems so relaxing to me after a long day at work with the kids. So my goal now is to set aside a specific time to read. Hopefully I will finish this book that I have had sitting here for months.


My Spot said...

Great idea, Renee. What book are you reading? We should get an informal book club going so we can all keep our mommy brains razor sharp. he he.


Jenny Dahl said...

Oh the time. Finding time for yourself without robbing your kids of the one thing they desperately want more than anything. Its a balance I search for everyday. They are young and so dependent while you also crave some sort of personal development. Ahhh, it's a hard question to answer. Where does all the time go?
On a lighter note. Several friends shared a website I had never heard of for the kids. Starfall.com We tried it out and the kids love it.

Carlye said...

More, we want more! Why haven't you added. I would love to hear more. Please write more. I want to hear about you and your kids, WITH PICTURES!!!! Love your Guts.