Wednesday, September 7, 2011


He keeps saying "YAY, I'M GOING TO KINDERGARDEN!" Then I have to sadly remind him for the fifth time "sorry buddy, its just pre-kindergarden". I think he could possibly pass this whole pre-kindergarden stuff and move right on ahead to Kindergarden. He is really too smart for his own good. He is beyond ready in his eyes. He wants to have a lunchbox just like his brother and sister but even Kindergarden won't give you that. He sees all his neighborhood friends go off to Kindergarden and thinks he should be going too. If he was only five months older.

But today came, and he was really excited to be going to Pre-Kindergarden.

And for only a short two hours, this little brother missed his big brother.


Beth said...

Aw, I bet he is ready for Kindergarten. But Pre-K is just as awesome!

embot said...

No Way! that last photo is just so cute! Happy First Day!

Maria said...

aww, your boys look so sweet.

RachelAnne said...

Holy smokes, how precious. They sure are growing up quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hey I thought I left a comment before???
They are too cute! and boy does he look like Jared :)
Give them hugs from Nana!
And this is a great way to document their lifes milestones
Love Mom