Friday, September 23, 2011

on his own.

Jared found him down the street at his friends house riding his friends bike without training wheels. Little had we known that he had learned all by himself and had been riding the friends bike for quite some time. So they came back and took off the training wheels off his bike to show me.

 Let me tell you this kid is going to be the one I will be in the hospital a lot for. He got on his bike and literally pedaled as fast as he could down the to show his friends. He was going so fast we were yelling at him to slow down. He wasn't even watching where he was going. He was watching to see if his friends were watching. Oy! This boy has no fear at anything.


embot said...

Wow!! Im sure that was a total surprise! haha. he is so cute.

Carlye said...

SCARY!!! Fun incredible!

Anonymous said...

He is soo cute! and fearless! Your little Evil Kenevil, or Shawn White! Anyway you have adventure in your future :) Me too!

Love Mom

Jenny Dahl said...

At least he has a helmet on. That ought to help safe his life a time or two! He's impressive!