Saturday, May 7, 2011


A day that actually feels like we are in the middle of spring soccer. The kids didn't have to wear jackets or pants to keep warm. It was plenty warm outside. I was happy to be outside watching them and not bundled up in a blanket. It has been a long winter but today reminded me that even though winter is long and tad depressing, summers here are great. It is making me excited for our trip to St. George in a couple of weeks and to be in some real heat.
This boy cracks me up. I get a thumbs up everytime he kicks the ball.


Crazy Lady said...

ahhh could you please start brainwashing your boys now that they need to marry a mccoy girl? theres plenty :)

RachelAnne said...

I can't wait for St. George! I'm already stocking up on sunscreen :)