Wednesday, February 2, 2011

this space

Is completely empty. It is a little room off to the left when you walk in the front door and one of the first rooms you see. It has been driving me nuts lately. For some reason every time I move it always takes me a few months to get to putting up any pictures or decorations. Plus with the holidays, now I can get to getting things up around here. I also have a hard time deciding what I want to do with a blank canvas.... decisions, decisions.

So I was thinking of doing something like this picture collage.

It may have some blank pictures in it for a while until we take family pictures but if I had something up it will make it feel a little more homier {sp?} rather than just a big white wall. If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them. Maybe I will post some pictures when I am done.


Lindsey said...

Hey Renee! I loved catching up with you on your blog. Cute house and really cute pictures of your kids. Those ice castles are amazing you guys went to! Hope you are doing well!

Beth said...

I love personal photos like that all over homes. Maybe you can write to Design Mom or one of the design blogs and ask. Also you could search on Etsy for some inspiration. Sometimes its nice for me to have one piece of art, or a frame or something that inspires a wall. I need a place to build from. I also like doing initials. Like you could have a big "D" on the wall for Dahl and do something with that. Post photos when you're done.