Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Great to be EIGHT!

He is officially EIGHT! All the things that come with turning eight are very exciting to him. Like getting new scriptures, starting scouts, and of course being baptized. A whole new stage in his life I'm not sure I'm prepared for. He is growing out of all the "little boys" toys and wanting all the "big {expensive}" toys. He is also trying to find this independence I am not ready for him to have.
This year was his family party. We went
here for his birthday dinner on Saturday. I did cave and let him bring one friend. {That's still considered a family party right?} It was small and easy. My kind of birthday. Oh how I love family birthdays. Jared wasn't able to come which has become the norm but we {I} made the best of it. Julian had fun and that was all that mattered. Since Jared didn't have to work on Sunday, which was his actual birthday, we did a celebration with cake and ice cream and his special dinner by request.

Here are EIGHT things I love about Julian:
1) He has always been so sweet and caring. That is what most people will say about him
2) He is super funny and likes to make everyone around him laugh
3) He is really good at Math
4) He has a special father son bond with Jared that makes me smile
5) He still plays so well with his sister and brothers {even when it's puppies...sshh, I didn't tell you}
6) He makes friends really easy
7) He tells all kinds of facts. I call him a factorian. Although sometimes I have to disagree.
8) He is not too young still for hugs and kisses from his mom.


Beth said...

YAY!!! Happy Birthday Julian. I think he must've been like three or four when I met him. Crazy. Good to know that at 8 he still wants hugs and kisses from his mom. :)

When is he getting baptized?? So exciting! Pictures of that please!

Renee said...

He's getting baptized on February 5th... like soon! Very exciting!

Jenny Dahl said...

Love that one. Happy B-day Julian!