Wednesday, December 8, 2010

had to laugh...

And I can't stop laughing about it. It's probably not that funny but being that it is my child, its funny.

So Payton has told me for a few weeks that there is a talent show that her class was doing and that she was going to play the piano. I really didn't think much of it. Mean of me, but I kind of blew it off. Maybe because she doesn't know how to play the piano. I'm pretty sure she told me about this two or three times prior to today.

So she walks through the door and says "How come you didn't come to the talent show??"

Me: "What talent show?"

Payton: "remember I was playing the piano?!"

Me: "You played the piano? By yourself?"

Payton: "Yes!"

So here I just start laughing (luckily she didn't mind...I hope)

Me: "But you don't know how to play the piano"

Payton: "Yes I do!"

Me: "Were parents there?"

Payton: "Only three."

The thing is, Payton has been dying to take piano lessons for quite a while now. I keep putting it off. She plays on her Nannas in California and her Grammys in Bear Lake. She makes up her own songs on them and they actually sound halfway decent. And we always tell her she does a great job. So I guess she thinks she can play the piano. I guess its time to look into putting her in lessons as we promised. She just might be more ready than I thought.


Maria said...

that is awesome

Beth said...

PUT THAT GIRL IS LESSONS!!!!!!! Most people probably wish their kids were begging to take piano. If she has the desire, she'll work hard and make some beautiful music.

So funny!

Renee said...

I probably shouldn't have laughed. I really wish I would have remembered and gone. I didn't mean to sound mean. Yes, I am going to be looking into lessons.

Crazy Lady said...

that is freaking funny.

Crazy Lady said...

don't worry jared didn't ruin june. jared rocks...just might not remind me calmness :)

Amber said...

That is pretty funny! Yes, put her in lessons. She'll love it and I'm sure will do great. I would have loved to hear what she played for her class. You should ask her teacher how it went. haha....