Friday, July 23, 2010

She's 6!

I can't believe it! For some reason it just seems old. Jared and I both said "can you believe she's six?!" I think, actually I know, we both were thinking how far we have come with her. There was a time when she was a lot of work, but we look at her now and she has become such a good, sweet little girl. She is the one I can count on to help me with Tyson. A little mommy I call her. She loves it too. She will just watch him and entertain him while I cook dinner or when he's fussy in his carseat she offers him something to eat or drink without me asking her to. She has grown into a girly girl. There was a time where I thought (only because she is surrounded by boys and liked what they liked, she knew no different) she would never want to wear dresses or skirts or paint her nails but now she asks me to. She is into everything and anything girly which is fun for me since she is my only girl. She is also very creative. She isn't into Barbies or dolls or My Little Pony. She likes anything that has to do with art. All she wanted for her birthday was a little wooden frame that she could decorate. It was something like $8. Sweet! Oh and polka dot pajamas and new dangly earrings from her Nana. She usually never asks for much even at Christmas. We always ask her "what do you want?" She always responds "whatever you think I will like" or "I don't know, just get me something". Great! Easy for me. But, this girl is also tough to have two brothers that are constantly picking on her. She puts up with a lot from them. She is becoming a good little swimmer and surprises me when she practices her one handed cartwheels and handstands. She is growing up so fast. Happiest Birthday Payton! I love you bigger than the whole earth! ;)

For those of you who asked to see the you go. Payton wanted a rainbow cake like the one she saw on Emily's blog a while back. She loved it and wanted it for her birthday. It turned out cool, but I will not be making another cake in Utah. They never come out right in this higher elevation and I give UP!


Amber said...

That cake looks pretty darn good to me. How'd you do it? My girls would go CRAZY to eat a cake like that.

And Happy Birthday Payton! I can't believe you are 6 either. I always forget her and Ashlyn are less than a year apart.

Carlye said...

Well, you know my feelings about cake and that one looks yummy this morning. I am so sorry I missed her special day. But lucky for her I will make her feel special another day!


RachelAnne said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! :) Maybe we'll have to bring up a normal elevation cake ;)