Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Year Begins...

The summer is over and school has started and back to busy schedules. We are already a week into the new school year. Julian started 1st grade this past Monday and Payton started Kindergarden on Thursday. It has been nice to have a schedule back and we have all been adjusting and on time which is good.

For the first day of school I wanted to take them instead of them riding the bus. Payton threw a fit of course. She has been waiting to ride the bus for a long time. And if you ask her what her favorite part of Kindergarden is she'll tell you it's riding the bus. These pictures I took of Julian were the best I got since I was taking with one hand (Tyson was in the other).

Julian's 1st Day (my kids are always squinting in pictures)

Off to his new class.

Seeing his old friends.

With a new school year comes new activities. Julian is still doing karate and soon basketball. Payton is still in gymnastics and soccer has started. This is her first year playing and she is on a team with all Kindergarden girls. This past Saturday was her first game. Did she like it?? Yes...until the red foxes came along and kept scoring. She started getting mad and by the end of the game she kept saying that she didn't like those girls. Can we say competetive. Let's hope for more positive games to come.


Jessi said...

you're kids are so stinking cute. and i'm not sure where, oh where, payton got that competitive streak...ha. look no farther than the dahl blood runnin' through that girl!!

Harward Happenings said...

Payton's hair is so cute! Don't you love little kid soccer. Sounds like you guys are keeping busy. Gotta love the start of school and fall activities.