Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Five years. Boy has time flown by. I can't believe my little Payton is five years old today. To think back a few years and think how my only little girl has grown. She is such a sweet, smart, creative, beautiful little girl. A few years ago I might have a few different words to describe her but she has really grown. I still see the same Payton in her every now and then. Don't get me wrong, she is still Payton. And those of you who knew her in that stage of her life know what I mean. She was so excited for this day. She has wanted to be five for a while now and the past few days we have been counting down.

We started off the day with a special birthday breakfast. Cinnamon French Toast by request and opened some of her presents.

Then it was off to Cold Stone for her birthday party. I opted at last minute to do her party outside of the house. For the sake of my sanity. It ended up being a fun party and being that her birthday is in the summertime, there was a great turn out. Even though it was mostly cousins.

They got to tour the store.

Payton made her own concoction for Jared and I to eat.

They got to decorate their own cakes and take them home.

It was a fun day for her. Until.... she started throwing up. Yep, around 6:30 this evening she started throwing up everywhere. I am so sorry for those of you that came to the party. I really hope nobody gets sick. What a way to end your birthday. Throwing up laying on towels on the floor next to her brother...who is also sick. Julian and her started around the same time. They are laying next to each other with their very own buckets crying together. At least her day started out right.

Happy Birthday Payton! I hope you feel better soon. I love you!


Harward Happenings said...

Happy Birthday again Payton! You guys know how to throw a party. Brylie is now talking about her next birthday being at Cold Stone. Hopefully the ending of the day was just due to eating too many sweets and will pass with some rest. See you all next week!

beth said...

Poor Payton with the throwing up. She is gorgeous. I can't believe she's five, too. That is crazy. Can't wait to see you soon btw. Happy Birthday Payton.