Saturday, March 24, 2007

Greatest Kid Pastime

Sand is the greatest! We just got a sandbox for the kids and they just love it. Why didn't I get this sooner?! Who would have thought that little rocks could entertain a kid for hours. I'm sure you could have but as an adult you just forget. But Payton could absolutely stay in there all day. Actually she does. At times it is so nice that I am not the only one having to do all the entertaining. I love looking out the kitchen window to see her so enthralled by
the sand and being so creative. Oh, to be a kid again... to sit in the
sand and make sand castles and run sand through my hands for as long as my imagination allowed. Having no worries or laundry to fold. No errands or appointments to be at. I remember as a kid wanting to grow up so fast... and now if I could only just sit and play in the sand again. For now, I will just enjoy watching her be a kid.


Jenny Dahl said...

You are a nice mom. I loathe ours. That's a pretty strong word for sand and something every kids loves. My feelings would be different if somehow the sand could stay contained where it is meant to be but it eventually finds it way to the kitchen floor, into kids hair, scattered from here to there and everywhere in between. Maybe its good I don't live in California. Sand is probably just part of life. I love the beach but I prefer to leave the sand there!

Beth said...

Payton totally looks like you in that first picture. Minus the disgruntled "why are you taking my picture" face.